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Bus Timetables           

Route 89 & 90 Timetable Change

click here for the new X89 timetable

click here for the new 90/90A timetable

Services Affected: 89, 90, 90A

Bus1 89.jpg (36660 bytes)  NewBus 2015.jpg (209820 bytes) NewBusThree 2015.jpg (221064 bytes) NewBusFour 2015.jpg (207817 bytes) NewBusTwo2015.jpg (91483 bytes) Stagecoach.jpg (373245 bytes)
Use the above to Stony Stratford then change for use in Milton Keynes !!!!

Tesco Mereway  Northampton Free Bus  

Tesco Bus.jpg (46901 bytes)


Ridgmont1934.jpg (1586276 bytes) Ridgmont Map.jpg (319283 bytes) DeansMap.jpg (222170 bytes)

Ridgmont 1934 the plan before Ridgmont was built  it shows the houses that were demolished as unfit and the need for new houses  

First picture came by way of the late C. Ridgeway before his death

Second picture L Deards                            



Harry S Roberts Special Gentís Safety Bicycle


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Deanshanger  and  Passenham   


  Passenham Deanshanger and Northants


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