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Deanshanger Cricket Clubs old railway carriage pavilion 


I think the carriage was delivered in two pieces and this was Ted Price making good the join


The carriages, built in 1907, have been at the Quarries Scout site for nearly 30 years where they were transformed into sleeping accommodation and a gift shop.
Previously the carriages were used as Deanshanger Cricket Club pavilion.


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Bus Timetables

New Timetable from 20/02/2016

                                         89/89X    90/90A   91 Friday/Saturday   90 Sundays

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Thanks to Glyn (Stony Stratford Aerials) Canvin

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They demolished our history (The The original Fox and hounds) and kept the rubbish 

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Ridgmont 1934 the plan before Ridgmont was built  it shows the houses that were demolished as unfit and the need for new houses  

First picture came by way of the late C. Ridgeway before his death

Second picture L Deards                            



Harry S Roberts Special Gentís Safety Bicycle


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Deanshanger  and  Passenham  


Thanks to Moira and her brother Gwynfor Harris

From The Wolverton Express 24th October / 7th November 1947

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  Passenham Deanshanger and Northants


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Obstruction of driveways

Under highway law, it is illegal to park a vehicle so that it obstructs other people wanting to use a road or path. It is also illegal to obstruct a private entrance.

Police have enforcement powers and can issue fixed penalty tickets, but officers are usually busy attending to other more serious crimes.

Users of a private entrance can take civil action for nuisance against people causing a persistent obstruction, but this process can be lengthy, expensive and unpleasant.

If you witness a parked car obstructing your driveway please contact the Police using their non-emergency telephone number 101.


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